Frequently Asked Questions

A number of our customers have successfully been conpensated by their builder due to what has been found in their new property, so instructing us could even pay for itself

When is the best time for you to inspect my house?

2 weeks before you are due to complete you will typically be invited to do a “Home Tour”” which is the best time-frame for us to go around.

On this tour, concentrate that your choices are correct since we will not know whether you have the correct tiles, wardrobes, kitchen (etc).

Please ensure you have permission from the builder to allow us access before booking us as it is common for them to deny access until completion.

We ideally want to go in before completion as it is actually easier for them to rectify issues with an empty house. However, it is not a problem for us to inspect post completion.

My Builder / Sales adviser says not to use a snagging company - why is this?

Obviously they are relying on you giving them less work and emphasis will be placed that you could do the snagging list yourself after you have moved in. However, we will be able to check for major issues that may not be obvious to you, as well as providing the Site Manager with remedial items to rectify before you move in. The idea is that they get 1 comprehensive list that is easy for them to understand, and in this way it is actually more efficient for them.

Are my builders required to do all that is on your list?

Large volume builders are required to do work that is deemed out of tolerance levels set by their governing body such as the NHBC. Even paintwork snags fall under this jurisdiction. However, we raise all issues we aren’t happy with or we know simply can be improved. Whilst some may be “within tolerance”, typically if they are sending the trades anyway, they will rarely pick and choose items to rectify, Builders should be looking to achieve a higher quality finish than tolerance levels allow so customers rarely have our reports disputed by Site.

Can I change the date of the inspection if my build completion date moves?

Yes, as long as the new date you need is available. Our snaggers are from Construction backgrounds so we understand that sometimes build dates get moved. We just ask that we are given sufficient notice (ideally more than 5 days ahead of the original date booked), and stipulate that if the new date is unavailable or you cancel once booked, the reservation deposit is non-refundable.

My Builder does a Snagging process, why use an external company?

Most construction companies are a “volume house builder” which mean they do not have the time nor resources to quality check your house to our standards as they simply have other priorities. Our snaggers are experienced to spot defects both minor or major that your Builders may have missed or do not see as important. As our inspections typically raise 200+ snags, it goes to show that no house we ever go around is properly snagged regardless of the builder.

Increased demand for affordable housing is compromising quality…Get a detailed “snagging” survey done between the end of building work and legal completion.

Nearly 300 families a week are being forced to move into shoddy newly-built homes that have not been finished as builders cut corners to meet targets


Why use a Professional Snagger

Hiring an independent snagging inspector is a vital part of purchasing a new build property, as builders look at quantity not quality. Bear in mind we are professional snaggers with years of experience and the latest equipment to spot defects that you cant.

The best time to get a snaging survey is as soon as you move in or just before hand over. The house builder gives you two years defect warranty. The sooner you have the inspection, the better it is for the builder to rectify the issues within the time frame.

All our reports are in colour, timed and dated with a full description of the issue. We even alocate it to the correct sub-contractor to make it easier for the customer and builder to read and follow.

What our customers say about us

  • “Had found a few defects myself, but found (GH PSL) local. Best £449 spent. 83 defects found including water logged
    Hannah Pearce – Tadpole Gardens, Swindon David Wilson Homes
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