GH professional Snagging is a new family run business providing a quality service for the local community. We believe in every new home buyer getting the dream home they deserve, dont be folled by the builders lack of quality finish being acceptable. You will find every new home with a minimum of 20 defects and some of them being major. Buying a new home is anyone’s biggest investment, so make sure you get the quality you deserve!

GH Professional Snagging will find all defects in one visit, issue a pictured report (time & dated) and you can give this to your builder straight away for ALL work to be completed with immediate effect!

  • Full pictured report issued within 24hours*
  • Free thermal imaging report Saving £49
  • New built homes from all major plc builders
  • Coach houses
  • Apartment blocks
  • Private landlords
  • Flats
  • Plus much more…

Plc house builders will take on average 2-10 weeks min to get your defects sorted as you become bottom of the list once you’ve moved in.


So, Why choose us?

GH professional snagging have over 10 years experience in the construction industry.

We have many qualifications that most snagging company’s don’t have, many years experience in site management and customer care ranging from 2* up to 5* builders. we have seen how homes are built and feel its now time to give something back to home buyers who have made the biggest investment in their lifetime. A DEFECT FREE HOME YOU DESERVE!

We care highly of our customers from start to finish of the survey, but we also care for our customers a lifetime there after with answers you will never get from your builder.

Increased demand for affordable housing is compromising quality…Get a detailed “snagging” survey done between the end of building work and legal completion.

Nearly 300 families a week are being forced to move into shoddy newly-built homes that have not been finished as builders cut corners to meet targets


Why use a Professional Snagger

Hiring an independent snagging inspector is a vital part of purchasing a new build property, as builders look at quantity not quality. Bear in mind we are professional snaggers with years of experience and the latest equipment to spot defects that you cant.

The best time to get a snaging survey is as soon as you move in or just before hand over. The house builder gives you two years defect warranty. The sooner you have the inspection, the better it is for the builder to rectify the issues within the time frame.

All our reports are in colour, timed and dated with a full description of the issue. We even alocate it to the correct sub-contractor to make it easier for the customer and builder to read and follow.

What our customers say about us

  • “Had found a few defects myself, but found (GH PSL) local. Best £449 spent. 83 defects found including water logged
    Hannah Pearce – Tadpole Gardens, Swindon David Wilson Homes
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